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CSS based partial borders

While trying to accomplish a bracket like borders for a bootstrap design, there was a need to address the design requirement either using images or by CSS. While navigating through hundreds of designs and snippets online, I happened to cross a post by another developer titled for CSS based partial borders. Using the code from the developer, I was able to space the partial borders on left, top and bottom per design requirement.

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Wrapped tw-bootstrap

Here is how you can apply bootstrap styles inside any container tag, without affecting tags and elements outside of the container tag.

<div class=”non-bs-parent”><aside></aside> <div class=”bootstrap-inside”>…</div> </div>

Let’s say you want to apply bootstrap only inside the div.bootstrap-inside container. But default bootstrap sylesheet will impact the entire document. Having a wrapped boostrap stylesheet will limit the bootstrap styles inside the container.

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Smooth Animations in Cordova Hybrid App

While working with Cordova Apps, found that the jQuery Animation effects were not smooth. While googling and searching for solution on StackOverflow I found many answers. But one answer on a Chrissilich’s website(link below) worked amazingly for me. So the solution was to add this particular CSS code to the element to be animated. -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

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