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Add a new keypair to AWS linux instance

Thanks to the original author on StackOverflow – Source link below; for this beautiful and clear and concise documentation on adding a new keypair (by creating a new user) on the AWS linux instance. I tried this on a CentOS7 installation and bitnami powered suiteCRM installation and with a few changes, it worked awesomely. Post w/ instructions for bitnami instances will follow soon.

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403 Forbidden – MAMP Pro

So I was working on a wordpress template requiring frequent Sass builds and synced my installation to local MAMP installation. And like always got the 403 Forbidden error and as usual started searching for the solution and quick fix. I am lazy and this seems to happen every time with me. I ended up on From there I remembered that there is something similar in the Main window of MAMP. So I am just documenting this here for future use,
  • Opened MAMP
  • Select host to edit
  • Clicked on Extended tab on the right
  • Set “AllowOverride” from “All” to “None”

What to do if cPanel CSS and layout goes wonky – check cloudflare first!

On my cloudflare activated domain, the cPanel was appearing in a styleless and imageless manner. On searching for a cause for the same, I ended up going through a number of search results and finally found one which seemed to address my issues. Cloudflare was caching up the CSS for the cPanel in addition to the rest of the domain and hence needed to be bypassed for the cPanel. And then everything was fixed. This error is mentioned by them in their docs, but it doesn’t show up in google results untill unless “cloudlfare” and “cPanel” are searched together. Cloudflare docs –

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Deny access to particular file or extension using .htaccess

While updating¬†all of my artwork developed for clients to my server, I ended up uploading the .psd files as well. However, I wanted to deny access to the “.psd” sources and the royalty free artwork I had purchased and downloaded from graphic download sites. While googling a possible solution I ended up on this StackOverflow question¬†How to deny access to a file in .htaccess.

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